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As a lightsaber afficionado, I’ve often touted the cool lasers provided by Wicked Lasers. I mean, until lightsabers are a physical possibility, really cool lasers and light-based toys are about as close we can come.

Well, Wicked Lasers has done it again. They’ve added a neat attachment to their already awesome high-powered laser products to make it look a lot like a Star Wars Lightsaber.

Granted, they’re on the pricey side, but, hey, now you can kill two birds with one stone: you can have an awesome, powerful laser, AND you can have a lightsaber-like blade.

Check them out here:

Wicked Laser’s LaserSabre

Here’s their really cheesy video:

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Chris Pratt duels Darth Vader with Lightsabers!

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Ha! Just found this funny video featuring Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec against Darth Vader. It’s an ad for Kinect, but a well-done one, and it has lightsabers, so it can’t be bad!

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Robot lightsaber battle

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Here’s a cool little duel between two robots with lightsabers. Thanks, Japan! You never cease to amaze!

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’3 Minutes’ of Star Wars Lightsaber fun

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Ok, so it’s really only about one minute of lightsaber battle. BUT, it stars our favorite dancer, Mike, from Glee (Harry Shum, Jr.), and is a fun little exciting short.

It gets a little graphic near the end. Watch out, if you’re not entirely comfortable with what Star Wars Lightsabers can do to a human body.



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Awesome Digital Lightsaber Wallpaper

I just found this awesome digital art Lightsaber wallpaper on Wallbase.net. If you like the sleek, shiny look of a powered-off lightsaber, then this wallpaper is for you:

You can find it here:



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Princess Bride with Star Wars Lightsabers

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One of the greatest movies of all time – The Princess Bride – gets a little mashup with another of the greatest movies of all time – Star Wars. In this cute video, Inigo and Wesley duel with more than swords — lightsabers!


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Next Best Thing to a Star Wars Lightsaber

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Obviously, I’m a fan of Star Wars Lightsabers. But, what fan of lightsabers doesn’t like lasers in general? They are just plain cool.

I picked up a green laser pointer a long time ago, when they were fresh off the development cycle. And, although I rarely use it, except for the cool factor, it’s still one of my favorite possessions.

Until now.
Wicked Lasers Arctic S3

Wicked Lasers has completely outdone themselves. Not only is this new laser “pointer” Star Wars Lightsaber-looking, it is also the most powerful and dangerous consumer laser in the world. It burns through stuff. It can blind you instantly. In other words, it’s freaking awesome!

Check out the Arctic Spyder S3 blue laser pointer from Wicked Lasers!

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Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer

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As if I didn’t already love Thinkgeek for their great prices and selections on Force FX Lightsabers, I now love them even more for their awesome laser pointers.

They’ve had the standard laser pointers for a while, seeing as how geeks love lasery thingies. But, the plain jane red laser pointer has been around for so long, and is so cheap, that it’s really passe.

That is, until you make it look like a Star Wars Lightsaber!

Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer

Leave it to Thinkgeek to style a cool toy into a Star Wars geek’s dream!

For only $15, this is an awesome little gift for the one, or many, Star Wars Lightsaber fan(s) in your life. Check it out at Thinkgeek!


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Jerks with Lightsabers

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For the longest time, when I was younger I imagined making a funny video that involved teenager jedi, and the hijinx that would ensue in any group of adolescents with force powers and lightsabers.

Chief among those amusing scenes (in my head) was a scene of these teens cruising “town” in a landspeeder, and playing mailbox baseball with their Star Wars Lightsabers, totally destroying them.

Well, all great ideas are shared at the same time, I guess.  These guys put together a fairly funny video about what adolescent jerks would do if they had lightsabers and some force powers.  It’s funny, and worth a watch.


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Star Wars Lightsabers Wallpaper

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I ran across this gorgeous Star Wars Lightsaber wallpaper on a random site the other day.  It didn’t have any information on the author, so I can’t give credit.  But, it’s now on my desktop, and I couldn’t help but share it with all of you.

It’s an awesome 1920 jpeg of Darth Vader’s classic red lightsaber crossing Luke’s blue lightsaber from Episode IV. 

I hope you enjoy!

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