Chris Pratt duels Darth Vader with Lightsabers!

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Ha! Just found this funny video featuring Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec against Darth Vader. It’s an ad for Kinect, but a well-done one, and it has lightsabers, so it can’t be bad!

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Lego Lightsabers

Posted on 27th July 2011 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: , ,

Just found this cute stop-motion lego lightsaber battle! Fun!

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Robot lightsaber battle

Posted on 30th June 2011 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Electronic Lightsabers,Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: , ,

Here’s a cool little duel between two robots with lightsabers. Thanks, Japan! You never cease to amaze!

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Awesome Digital Lightsaber Wallpaper

I just found this awesome digital art Lightsaber wallpaper on If you like the sleek, shiny look of a powered-off lightsaber, then this wallpaper is for you:

You can find it here:


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Princess Bride with Star Wars Lightsabers

Posted on 6th December 2010 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: , , , , , ,

One of the greatest movies of all time – The Princess Bride – gets a little mashup with another of the greatest movies of all time – Star Wars. In this cute video, Inigo and Wesley duel with more than swords — lightsabers!


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Star Wars Lightsaber is Reason for College Major

Posted on 3rd September 2010 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: , ,

I saw this graph on GraphJam today, and it made laugh in an “I can relate” sort of way. I didn’t major in physics, but I’ve always thought to myself that this is the one reason I would happily go back into science. Or, when I make my millions, researching how to build a lightsaber is quite likely what I will dump all my hard-earned cash into.

Why I Am Majoring In Physics

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Nathan Fillion’s Star Wars Lightsaber story

I’ve always loved Nathan Fillion.  From Firefly, to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, to Castle.  He seems like such a fun and likable guy.

Now that I know he’s a fan of Star Wars Lightsabers, I’m even a bigger fan.

In this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Nathan Fillion talks about geeky guys trying to be cool, and his experience playing with his very own Force FX Star Wars Lightsaber.   He’s funny, as always, and makes me thing that if a geek like him who owns lightsabers can be rich and famous, then there’s hope for me! =)





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Can a Star Wars Lightsaber cut through Superman?

Posted on 28th October 2009 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: , , , , ,


Considering I love both Star Wars Lightsabers and Superman, I thought this was a fun and interesting debatable question.

And, I see the debate has happened many times before.

Lightsaber Versus Superman

I found this funny Yahoo Fail article from

Star Wars Lightsaber and Superman

And, even more on the subject can be found in the debate at Gizmodo:

I’d have to agree with the idea that if the focusing crystal of the lightsaber were made of Kryptonite (assuming Kryptonite had the requisite qualities to be able to be used as a focusing crystal), then

a). the lightsaber blade would be green.
b). Superman would be screwed.

What do you think?

(Image courtesy How Stuff Works)


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