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I had seen a few awesome videos of young, enthusiastic lightsaber-wielding heros on YouTube, and I thought this would be an easy, fun article to compile.  Lo and behold, once I started watching everything that was out there, I realized how badly most Star Wars fans (bless their heart, because I’m one) act.  It became rather painful, actually, to endure some Awful acting and horrible story-lines to find some good lightsaber battles. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still admire all their effort and dedication.  After all, I haven’t made any short movies, personally.  So, take my criticisms with a grain of salt.  However, it came down to trying to discover very well-done lightsaber battle scenes with a minimum of story or acting.  I think I’ve found the best on the net here.  Enjoy!


Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers #5:  Jake vs. Danny

Jake and Danny have a decent lightsaber fight.  I appreciate the lack of dialogue, and getting right down to the battle.  The lightsaber effects are done quite nicely, and given the amateur status, even the force powers they use aren’t awful.  Personally, I don’t get why someone would not take their lightsaber with them, but, they, that aside, a fun video.

Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers #4:  Ryan vs. Dorkman

Ryan and Dorkman set the bar really high for internet lightsaber battles, with this, their first video.  Again, I completely appreciate the lack of dialogue or story.  They just go at it.  Excellent effects, and good choreography make this a great video to watch.

Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers #3:  Battle of the Heroes

Otherwise known as Ryan vs. Brandon, this is the same Ryan as Ryan versus Dorkman.  Again, who needs storylines or acting?  We just want great lightsaber action.  And, we get it.  Again, Ryan proves he’s awesome at making lightsaber effects, and the fight sequence is real good.

Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers #2:  Art of the Saber

The first minute and a half of Art of the Saber breaks my first requirement, by trying to introduce a storyline, and an amateur acting monologue.  However, despite most of the videos I’ve seen, this one is done fairly well.  Both with music to deepen the feeling, and interspersed with credits, it actually lends a powerful tone to this short video.  And, then, for the die-hard, once the action starts, it is great.  Great choreography, talented martial artists, obviously, and excellent lightsaber effects make this video my second favorite.

Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers #1:  Ryan vs. Dorkman 2

Ryan and Dorkman are back in this, their second video.  They established themselves as the best a year previously with their first video, and they top themselves in this one.  As a matter of fact, I almost couldn’t rank this with other amateur videos as they have proven themselves to be professionals at their effects.  But, until they make it big in the movie business, I’ll just leave them at the top of the heap.  Great lightsaber battle, as-always great effects, and fun use of Jedi tricks we all know we’d try if we had the powers make this the best video of dueling with Star Wars Lightsabers I’ve seen.



Amateur Duel with Star Wars Lightsabers Honorable Mention: Sexy Girls with Lightsabers

Sexy Women Duel With Lightsabers – Watch more Funny Videos





Ok, this doesn’t really count, which is why it’s only honorable mention.  It was obviously professionally produced.  But, c’mon, when women use lightsabers to hack off each other’s clothing, it’s every Star Wars fanboy’s (and, some Star Wars fangirl’s, too) dream video.  If you like that sort of thing, enjoy!  If not, forgive me my shortcomings:  I’m male, and a geek. 



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