Next Best Thing to a Star Wars Lightsaber

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Obviously, I’m a fan of Star Wars Lightsabers. But, what fan of lightsabers doesn’t like lasers in general? They are just plain cool.

I picked up a green laser pointer a long time ago, when they were fresh off the development cycle. And, although I rarely use it, except for the cool factor, it’s still one of my favorite possessions.

Until now.
Wicked Lasers Arctic S3

Wicked Lasers has completely outdone themselves. Not only is this new laser “pointer” Star Wars Lightsaber-looking, it is also the most powerful and dangerous consumer laser in the world. It burns through stuff. It can blind you instantly. In other words, it’s freaking awesome!

Check out the Arctic Spyder S3 blue laser pointer from Wicked Lasers!


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