Nathan Fillion’s Star Wars Lightsaber story

I’ve always loved Nathan Fillion.  From Firefly, to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, to Castle.  He seems like such a fun and likable guy.

Now that I know he’s a fan of Star Wars Lightsabers, I’m even a bigger fan.

In this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Nathan Fillion talks about geeky guys trying to be cool, and his experience playing with his very own Force FX Star Wars Lightsaber.   He’s funny, as always, and makes me thing that if a geek like him who owns lightsabers can be rich and famous, then there’s hope for me! =)





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17 Again – Force FX Lightsabers everywhere

Posted on 8th September 2009 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Force FX Lightsabers,Star Wars Lightsabers - Tags: ,

I just saw the movie “17 Again,” starring Zach Efron and Matthew Perry. 

Normally, I wouldn’t have touched this movie with a ten-foot cattleprod.  However, I was at a friend’s house at a little potluck dinner, and they put it on.

It was surprisingly good, and much funnier than I expected.

Granted, the main storyline was so cliche, I could have written it.  But, what made this movie so darn funny wasn’t Zack or Matthew, but rather Thomas Lennon as Ned, the best friend and consummate Star Wars / Fantasy geek.

I won’t spoil anything, but the character Ned is the type of guy we (Star Wars Lightsaber lovers) can relate to.  He’s a total geek.  Like, LARPing-level geek.  And, he’s grown up, and he’s rich.  So, what does a rich geek have all over his house?  Toys.  Replicas.  Suits of armor.  And, best of all, Star Wars Lightsabers.  There are several scenes devoted to duels with Force FX Lightsabers.  Decently done ones, too, I might add.  I’ve been considering making a video on how to duel with Force FX Lightsabers without breaking them, but haven’t had time yet.  So, maybe soon.  Anyway, they did a fairly good job with their duels.

Anyway, check it out.  It’s a cute movie with a strikingly funny sub-story, revolving around the antics of a Star Wars geek like us.  Now only if we were rich, eh?

17 Again

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Force FX Lightsabers

Posted on 18th July 2009 by Star Wars Lightsabers in Force FX Lightsabers - Tags:

Force FX lightsabers are the perfect hybrid between authentic-looking collectible lightsabers and electronic toys for the uber Star Wars geek.

Many of the official-looking collectible Star Wars lightsabers out there cost several hundred dollars, or are limited edition.  They generally look awesome.  And, some are even durable enough to spar or duel with.  But, who wants to duel with a several hundred dollar item?  Trust me, it’s scary, and not very fun, worrying about cracking or breaking the blade.  Sadly, most collectibles are for just that:  collecting and hiding behind a glass case, rarely to be touched or used.

Force FX lightsabers, on the other hand, have an authentic look and feel, have excellent electronic sounds and lights, are durable enough to withstand a bit of dueling (not direct hits, mind you, but playful sparring), and are affordable enough to be played with, rather than put on a mantle and forgotten.  At just around $100, they’re inexpensive enough to buy two:  one for yourself, and one for the friend whose limbs you’re eager to sever.  (Metaphorically, speaking, of course.   Well, mostly)

Force FX lightsabers use LED technology to light up a polycarbonate blade.  This means they have a rich, bright color, and when you turn them on, the blade actually extends from the hilt outward, just like the lightsabers from the movies.  They use digital sounds directly from the Star Wars movies, so they make the awesome sounds we all know and love: turning on, turning off, and the ominous humming when they’re idle.  Best yet, Force FX lightsabers have motion detectors in the hilt, so they will make additional authentic noises when they can tell that you’re swinging the blade, rotating it, or hitting something with it. 

Originally designed and sold by Master Replicas, Force FX lightsabers were bought out by Hasbro, and are now sold more mass market than the original collectibles were, which is great for us, because it means the price is much more affordable.  They tend to have only a few models of lightsaber available at any one time, and each generation of lightsaber that comes out is a little better than the previous ones.  So, don’t-dilly dally if you see one you really like, as they go out of production. 

All in all, if you’re looking to have realistic Star Wars lightsabers to be able to play with and show off, Force FX lightsabers are the way to go.

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