Jerks with Lightsabers

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For the longest time, when I was younger I imagined making a funny video that involved teenager jedi, and the hijinx that would ensue in any group of adolescents with force powers and lightsabers.

Chief among those amusing scenes (in my head) was a scene of these teens cruising “town” in a landspeeder, and playing mailbox baseball with their Star Wars Lightsabers, totally destroying them.

Well, all great ideas are shared at the same time, I guess.  These guys put together a fairly funny video about what adolescent jerks would do if they had lightsabers and some force powers.  It’s funny, and worth a watch.



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Star Wars Lightsabers Wallpaper

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I ran across this gorgeous Star Wars Lightsaber wallpaper on a random site the other day.  It didn’t have any information on the author, so I can’t give credit.  But, it’s now on my desktop, and I couldn’t help but share it with all of you.

It’s an awesome 1920 jpeg of Darth Vader’s classic red lightsaber crossing Luke’s blue lightsaber from Episode IV. 

I hope you enjoy!

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