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I just saw the movie “17 Again,” starring Zach Efron and Matthew Perry. 

Normally, I wouldn’t have touched this movie with a ten-foot cattleprod.  However, I was at a friend’s house at a little potluck dinner, and they put it on.

It was surprisingly good, and much funnier than I expected.

Granted, the main storyline was so cliche, I could have written it.  But, what made this movie so darn funny wasn’t Zack or Matthew, but rather Thomas Lennon as Ned, the best friend and consummate Star Wars / Fantasy geek.

I won’t spoil anything, but the character Ned is the type of guy we (Star Wars Lightsaber lovers) can relate to.  He’s a total geek.  Like, LARPing-level geek.  And, he’s grown up, and he’s rich.  So, what does a rich geek have all over his house?  Toys.  Replicas.  Suits of armor.  And, best of all, Star Wars Lightsabers.  There are several scenes devoted to duels with Force FX Lightsabers.  Decently done ones, too, I might add.  I’ve been considering making a video on how to duel with Force FX Lightsabers without breaking them, but haven’t had time yet.  So, maybe soon.  Anyway, they did a fairly good job with their duels.

Anyway, check it out.  It’s a cute movie with a strikingly funny sub-story, revolving around the antics of a Star Wars geek like us.  Now only if we were rich, eh?

17 Again


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